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The Intermountain Reined Cow Horse Circuit was established in the early 1990’s in the Intermountain area of the Northwest. It is a unique and very successful alliance of reined cow horse associations - all NRCHA affiliates.

The vision of the Circuit's founders continues today: to promote awareness and involvement in breeding, training and showing reined cow horses; to provide an area-wide recognition and awards program; and to support regional cow horse shows.

These goals continue to form the framework for the Intermountain Circuit.

Responsive to area needs, based on input from show reps, riders and trainers, the Circuit Class List features NRCHA classes, plus a few additions. A commitment to added money by each approved event has also made the Circuit a very lucrative series for owners and riders.

The Annual Meeting of the Intermountain Circuit is held in January or February of each year, prior to the Awards Banquet. Representatives from approved shows, and interested riders, owners and trainers are welcome to attend to discuss classes, show approvals, dates, clinics, awards, regional and national news, conduct elections, and carry out other business. All horsemen are welcome and encouraged to attend.

All horses entered in Circuit-approved classes at Circuit-approved shows are automatically tracked for Circuit points. There are no Circuit membership dues!

Shows interested in Circuit approval should review the material here, and call with any additional questions.

Approved events are horse shows, which may also offer derbies and/or futurities. Please see the Show Approvals section for guidelines on classes, added money and Circuit fees.

To be eligible for Circuit awards the horse must be shown in the class a minimum number of times, with points counting from all approved shows.

Intermountain Circuit Annual Meeting News

Thanks to all the riders and owners who attended the 2017 Annual meeting and provided useful ideas!

Your 2017 Intermountain Circuit president is John Palleria. Carolyn Meador was elected as the Circuit Treasurer!

Sarah Skaar returns as the Points Secretary

A new award was approved and added by the board for 2017, which is a High Point Non Pro Award. This award is given to any Intermountain Non Pro rider that earns the most points throughout the show season.

NRCHA - Please check the 2017 NRCHA Rulebook for all new rules. The rulebook is available HERE.

Check the calendar page and watch for an update on the schedule in case of additions.

SPECIAL THANKS to all the committees, volunteers, sponsors and others who make it possible to offer the best series of cow horse shows in the country!

Your 2017 IMCircuit Officers:

President - John Palleria (208) 573-0193
Treasurer - Carolyn Meador
Points Secretary - Sarah Skaar

SHOW MINIMUMS - To qualify for 2017 Circuit awards, the horse must be shown in the class at a minimum of 50% of the shows that offer the class:

  • Futurity Minimum - 2 shows
  • Derby Minimum - 4 shows
  • Horse Shows - 5 shows

Open Bridle
Roosters Rozalena
Owned by Rush Creek Ranch
Shown by Dan Roeser

Non Pro Bridle
Smooth As Tamulena
Owned & Shown by Wendy Lund

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2016 Circuit Champions

Open Futurity
Dandys April Fool
Owned by Davis Bros. Perf Horses
Shown by Zane Davis

Open Derby
Instant Lilstarlight
Owned by Rob Flori
Shown by Beck Hurst

Intermediate Open Derby
Instant Lilstarlight
Owned by Rob Flori
Shown by Beck Hurst

Non Pro Derby
Smart N Tuckered Out
Owned & Shown by Jerry Beukleman

Open Two Rein
Chicks Smart Lena
Owned by Wayne Naplin
Shown by Jason Gay

Non Pro Two Rein
AP Lucky Little Lena
Owned & Shown by Laura Kiracofe

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